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Canadian Chiropractic Research Leaders Announce Exciting New Partnership

Canadian Chiropractic Research Leaders Announce Exciting New Partnership


TORONTO – In Canada, 35% of injuries occur during participation in sports or exercise. To help all our athletes return to play, work and a full family life as soon as possible, two of Canada’s leading chiropractic foundations have teamed up to increase investment in sports related research.


A new Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation “CCRF” and the Foundation for the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) “The Foundation” will expand research and fund opportunities to improve performance, access to care, and injury treatment and prevention for sports enthusiasts and competitors of all skill levels.


“As The Foundation for the RCCSS(C), we’re dedicated to expanding the horizons of sports health care”, says President, Dr. Eric Helson. “By partnering with the CCRF, we’ll be able to dramatically boost our commitment to athletes at all performance levels.”

The RCCSS(C) is an influential part of Canada’s sports health care community and the largest post graduate organization for chiropractic sports sciences in the world. The Foundation was created to support Sports Chiropractic research and researchers through scholarship awards and funding opportunities, thereby supporting the RCCSS(C) and evidence-informed chiropractic care.


CCRF chair Dr. Chad Kulak comments “The injuries we see as a result of athletic competition – like concussion, falls, strains, overuse and other imbalances – impact the lives of all Canadians. So, we’re very excited to be teaming up with our sports specialist colleagues to augment research that will both reduce the load on our healthcare systems and help get people back to their lives.”


CCRF has been investing in national evidence-informed research, through grant awards and partnerships for over 45 years. “Watch for exciting announcements from CCRF and The Foundation, coming soon,” adds Dr. Kulak.

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