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Over $75,000 In New Research Grants For Chiropractic Sports Sciences

TORONTO, March 27, 2023 — The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) and the Foundation for the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences – Canada (THE FOUNDATION) are pleased to announce awards exceeding $75,000 for four projects in their first cosponsored grant competition.


“Through this call we’ve been able to shine a spotlight on the valuable inroads being forged by this country’s dedicated sports chiropractic researchers,” notes Dr. Chad Kulak, CCRF chair. “For athletes, this is about improving performance and returning to play faster. For chiropractors, it’s about accessing a learning module for the treatment of concussion as well as a tool kit for general practitioners to help their athletic clients return to play.”


“It’s exciting to be on the leading edge of such tremendous change! Never before have Sports Chiropractic researchers had access to such significant grants to pursue their work,” says Dr. Eric Helson, THE FOUNDATION president.


Thanks to the generosity of visionary donors, CCRF issues semi-annual requests for proposals for Canadian-led research related to the chiropractic profession, while THE FOUNDATION supports Sports Chiropractic research and researchers through scholarship awards and other funding opportunities.


“Sports chiropractic is really one of the best kept secrets in our profession,” adds Dr. Richard McIlmoyle, CCRF’s Research Committee chair. “We’ve been impressed by the calibre of the submissions received and their applicability to both athletes and Canadians in general.”


“This most recent announcement brings CCRF’s total number of funded projects to 35 in the past three years, representing almost $1.3 million in grant awards” concludes Dr. Kulak. “We’re honoured to play a role in this process by providing meaningful and consistent funding in partnership with THE FOUNDATION and our generous supporters. Please join us in congratulating these successful project teams.”



  • Title: Fast Stretch Shorten Cycle Regulation in ACL Injured and Non‐Injured Athletes
    Award: $8,000
    Lead: Nathan Boon‐van Mossel / University of Calgary
    Impact: This project’s purpose is to develop a new test to evaluate recovery from anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). It will also assess how test instructions influence lower limb stiffness and knee function and examine the effects of lower limb strength on fast stretch-shorten cycle (SSC) capacity. This will help clinicians make educated decisions in injured athletes, which may inform rehabilitation programs, athlete risk profiling, and return to sport.


  • Title: Development and dissemination of a freely accessible, online evidence-based learning module on the assessment, diagnosis and management of sports concussion in adults and children
    Award: $21,000
    Lead: Dr. Scott Howitt/Ontario Tech University
    Impact: Canadian chiropractors have the clinical training to assess, diagnose, and manage concussion but there are few user-friendly clinical resources that aggregate this information into a digestible format. This learning module, targeted toward clinicians, will focus on general recommendations for assessment, diagnosis and management of concussion as well as recommendations for managing prolonged post-concussion symptoms.


  • Title: Bringing the athlete’s voice to sports healthcare – investigating and prioritizing athlete expectations, values, and preferences for care to cocreate practice toolkits to inform athlete-centred care.
    Award: $31,000
    Lead: Dr. Alexander Lee/Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
    Impact: Athletes are key sports stakeholders in who need a “voice” in the development of research and policy about how healthcare is delivered to them. Through in-depth interviews, this project will recruit Canadian national team athletes to investigate their expectations, values, and preferences to guide healthcare providers and sports organizations.


  • Title: What can chiropractors do to support athletic performance? A focused ethnographic qualitative study of sports chiropractic clinical encounters.
    Award: $19,000
    Lead: Dr. Alexander Lee/ Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
    Impact: Athletes often seek chiropractic care to enhance sport performance and report positive outcomes. This study seeks to establish chiropractic’s unique value in sports healthcare settings by investigating approaches chiropractors apply when treating athletes, what is distinctive about these approaches and what opportunities exist to improve chiropractors’ ability to influence athletic performance.


Submission details for CCRF’s Spring 2023 Request for Proposals (RFP) will be announced on April 4, 2023. 

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