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Seed Funding

CCRF acts as a catalyst to advance MSK-related research by providing one-time seed funding pledges of up to $10,000. 

CCRF supports our partners and established foundation stakeholders in their efforts to attain evidence-based research funding from granting organizations outside the chiropractic profession. We do this by offering supplemental grant pledges of up to $10,000, to demonstrate Canada’s national chiropractic research foundation is committed to maximizing the volume of high-impact, peer-reviewed publications. 

Pledge requests are evaluated on a project-by-project basis and awarded at the discretion of CCRF’s Executive Director in coordination with the Partnership Committee and board chair.

To be considered for Seed Funding your proposal should:

  • Be led by a partner organization (signatory of a Collaboration Agreement with CCRF) or established foundation stakeholder  
  • Apply to credible funders external to the  chiropractic profession
  • Align with CCRF’s Mission, Vision and National Research Priorities
  • Be executed by researchers in good standing within their professional associations 
  • Include a researcher or investigator who is a Canadian citizen
  • Contain confirmation the Applicant, its employees, officers, associates and/or approved subcontractors do not and will not have any conflict of interest (actual or potential)
  • Be conducted in accordance with Canadian legal, regulatory and ethical guidelines
  • Be eligible for publication in an accredited, peer-reviewed journal


To learn more or to submit a request, please email:

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