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CCRF Announces New Board Chair

(TORONTO) The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) is extraordinarily pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Nadine Ellul, DC, MHS as chair of CCRF’s Board of Directors.


“I’m passionate about the role of chiropractic within the health care arena and feel strongly that CCRF can use our unique mandate to highlight our profession’s contribution both within and outside the chiropractic community,” Dr. Ellul says. “Research drives high-credibility which provides added prestige for our profession. It gives us the evidence we need to respond to challenges and opportunities, demonstrating that chiropractic has a key role to play within healthcare that can make a difference in the lives of Canadians.”


Dr. Ellul is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), and later earned a Master’s degree in Health Studies and Clinical Teaching from Athabasca University. From 2012-2018, she was a CMCC faculty member, teaching chiropractic technique, clinical diagnosis and simulation case scenarios. She has been involved in original research and is a co-founder of the TMJ 2 Toes extremity adjusting seminar, teaching chiropractors the art of extremity manipulation. Today, she works fulltime as a Professor at Durham College in the Faculty of Business while managing her clinical practice part-time. Dr. Ellul joined CCRF’s board in late 2020 and soon assumed leadership of CCRF’s Governance, Management and Resources Committee (GMRC).


“CCRF is doing amazing work on a number of fronts but the two initiatives I’m most looking forward to are the roll out of our Future Forward endowment fund and the launch of CCRF’s first Request for Tender (RFT), which will be announced early this fall,” Dr. Ellul continues. “We’ve been honoured to fund the high-quality submissions from our country’s research community through our semi-annual Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and RFT’s will give us the ability to ask real questions, that open the eyes of the healthcare system and show what chiropractic has to offer.”


“My goal is to foster connections that propel chiropractic forward; this includes fueling research that leads to enhanced public knowledge, perception, and utilization, and increased awareness around the value of chiropractic care,” Dr. Ellul concludes.


Welcome & Appreciation


CCRF is pleased to announce that Dr. Kristen Sutherland has joined CCRF’s board and will take over as GMRC chair. We’d like to welcome two new faces: Dr. David Whitty, who takes over as CCA liaison and Dr. Brad Kane who will lend his formidable governance experience to CCRF’s board and GMRC.


CCRF would also like to acknowledge the service of Dr. Chad Kulak. Dr. Kulak has been a passionate leader during his time with CCRF and we thank him for sharing his insight, guidance and gentle humour with our staff, committee members and board.  


And finally, best wishes and gratitude go to Dr. Chris Martin, who served CCRF in a variety roles from 1998-2023. Dr. Martin’s visionary and steadfast leadership has guided CCRF through its evolution and helped set it on its successful trajectory.

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