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Chiropractic Research

Why Chiropractic Research Matters

With just over 9,000 practitioners in all of Canada, the Chiropractic profession is small. That’s why it’s critical to invest in research so we can learn more, validate treatment options, demonstrate evidence with the power to shift public policy and stand united as a profession.

CCRF: Amplify Your Impact with National Research

National research through CCRF has no boundaries. The return on your investment expands beyond provincial and national borders – even beyond the borders of the profession. By pooling provincial support with that of the CCA, clinicians and private funders, CCRF can eliminate inefficiencies, share knowledge across the profession and amplify the impact of every research dollar we receive.

We Prove. To Improve.

As Canada’s National Chiropractic Research Foundation, when you invest in CCRF, you invest in evidence-based science that gives chiropractors the knowledge and cultural authority to be neuromusculoskeletal experts. For the benefit of Canadians and NMSK sufferers everywhere. Donate here

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