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Investing in better chiropractic care – during a pandemic

Richard McIlmoyle, BSc, DC, PgCPain
Chair, Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation Research Committee

For 45 years, the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) has invested in generating knowledge that improves the care chiropractors provide to Canadians.

We had ambitious plans to continue our investments in 2020. Then, our country and world were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked ourselves whether to pause or continue. We decided that the right thing to do is to continue investing, because we will get through the pandemic, even if we do not know when. Our funding will help sustain our research community in these uncertain times when other grant opportunities could be delayed, cancelled or reduced.

Once a ‘new normal’ emerges, musculoskeletal pain and disability will still be the number one cause of disability worldwide. We will be there to help.

That is why, on March 31, we issued a new Request for Proposals for Canadian-based research teams. Up to $250,000 in funding is available. To encourage a broader range of submissions, the doctorate requirement for the team-lead has been removed, although the CCRF suggests that someone with a doctorate be considered as a team member or advisor. As a result, clinicians, multidisciplinary teams, emerging researchers and anyone with suitable accreditation can apply. It also means that studies are eligible without university affiliation. What is unchanged is that projects must adhere to evidence-based methodologies and accepted scientific protocols.

Grants will be announced in September 2020. Following that, we hope to follow up with another Request for Proposals aimed at emerging researchers and projects with tighter scopes. We hope to continue this spring and fall rhythm of Requests for Proposals into the future.

Our research is fueled by the belief that we can make tomorrow better than today. That is why the CCRF continues to invest in national, evidence-based research which will provide solutions and improve the health of those burdened with musculoskeletal pain and disability.

It is a belief I hope we all can share.

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