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5 Tips for Savvy Grant Seekers

Grants seekers often ask what kinds of research projects CCRF want to see. The answer? We avoid being prescriptive so talented researchers have the latitude to bring us their best ideas.

So, while we can’t tell you which project topics are likely to be funded, here are 5 ways to help improve the chances of funding success for your submission:

#5. Research is all about advancing our current base of knowledge. Be sure to tell us what will be learned from the outcome of your project and why that is important. If you’re building on a past study or replicating one, please tell us why.

#4. We really appreciate powerful outcomes. What difference will the knowledge your project reveals make to patients, policy makers or clinicians? Will it make diagnosis easier? Will it fill a gap in literature for an underserved or important patient group? Could it lead to treatment that will help patients return to work quicker?

#3. Viva la difference! CCRF often receives submissions in the same category – like patient populations or low back pain – so highlight the innovative or unique aspects of your project. What makes your project different than past projects? How does it fill a gap in current knowledge? If you plan to use a new database, tell us why? Using an unusual piece of measurement equipment? Let us know how you believe this will improve the outcome.

#2. Value. We strongly encourage research applicants to demonstrate good value for money. Is your budget realistic? Does your project’s sample size match your ask? Have you reduced hours by having volunteers do the work? Found a great deal on consumables? Let us know. Does travel take up a big chunk? Tell us why it’s critical and how you’ll keep it reasonable.

Finally (drum roll please)…
#1. Follow CCRF’s posted submission criteria. This might sound knit picky – but CCRF’s format makes it possible for your submission to be fairly evaluated by our Research Committee. CCRF submission criteria can be found on our website. There you’ll find the RFP download. Or you can call or email us any time.

So, there you have it. While these 5 points may not guarantee your proposal will be accepted for funding, but they will give your project the best opportunity for success.

And don’t forget – CCRF’s new Spring 2022 RFP closes on Wednesday, May 18th at 11:59 pm. With up to $240,000 in available grants, this funding opportunity is too good to miss! Learn more here.

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