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$200,000 Funding Pool Available for High-Impact Research

(TORONTO) The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals (RFP) with up to $200,000 in new funding available for high-impact research projects.

“CCRF has been fostering excellence in musculoskeletal research for over 40 years by advancing the authoritative work of Canada’s chiropractic research community,” says CCRF chair, Dr. Chad Kulak. “As we continue to evolve and advance, we’re inviting qualified researchers to submit proposals designed to improve the lives of Canadian with a continued focus on our four priority areas  ̶  health systems,  population health, basic science and clinical science.”


“Our goal through this call is to continue to offer robust funding for projects that have the potential to create real change in the real world.” says Dr. Richard McIlmoyle, chair, CCRF Research Committee. “In the past we’ve invested in studies in an exciting range of areas; such as rehabilitation, sports sciences, seniors, women’s health, indigenous health and prescription drug management” adds Dr. McIlmoyle. “These investments will continue, with a clear eye on fresh initiatives that will demonstrate our profession is committed to evidence-based research addressing social, economic and health issues.”


CCRF RFPs have been a successful source of funding for both early career and experienced researchers. Thanks to the creativity and discipline of past applicants, CCRF has been honoured to award almost $1,300,000 in grants to more than thirty deserving projects.


“It’s been a privilege help bring to life so many studies that reflect CCRF’s commitment to evidence, impact and outstanding value,” concludes Dr. Kulak. “Thanks to the generosity of our supporters from across Canada, we’re pleased to continue to provide significant funding opportunities and we look forward to announcing a series of new grants this fall.”

If you have an idea for a high impact project, CCRF invites you to submit your Letter of Inquiry by 11:59 pm, Thursday, May 11th, 2023. For guidelines, submission details and FAQs, please click here. This opportunity is open to researchers and clinicians of chiropractic and adjacent healthcare fields who meet CCRF’s eligibility requirements.


CCRF invests in national evidence-based research that that improves musculoskeletal health and related areas of well-being for all Canadians. If you believe in the value of research and the future of our profession, the CCRF invites you to support our ground-breaking work by visiting our website.

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