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#1 Reason to Support Future Forward

Reason #1: Because You Believe


Sustainability, landmark research, becoming part of something bigger and matching gifts – these are all fantastic reasons to support the new CCRF Future Forward endowment.


Future Forward is the first and only endowment fund created to become an ongoing source of research funding. It’s also about belief…


– Belief in the power of chiropractic to improve patient health.
– Belief in the future of chiropractic as an essential aspect of every health system.
– Belief that evidence-based research is a cornerstone of the profession.


And the belief our profession deserves an ongoing source of funding to support important work by world-renowned Canadian research leaders.


Take, for example, Dr. Pierre Côté and his team. Their detailed studies on the utilization of chiropractic services recently helped to reinstate diagnostic imaging access for chiropractors in Alberta. We can all be proud of these talented researchers, as they’ve used high quality data from Statistics Canada to produce evidence relevant to health care policy makers.  


Show the profession – and the world – that you believe in the power and future of Canada’s chiropractors with your donation to Future Forward.


Whether you choose to provide a monthly gift, or consider Future Forward as part of your estate plan, you send the message that our profession stands behind the work of our researchers and clinicians. That we are willing and able to back science as a key part of our commitment to advancing patient care.


At CCRF we’re ready to meet the challenges of a changing world, with strength, credibility, ingenuity, commitment — and a belief in the power of chiropractic. Please join us for as little as $10/month and become a Future Forward Insider today.


Don’t forget CCRF is a registered charity, so you’ll receive a receipt to pick up a healthy credit at tax time!


Donate before December 31st and we’ll match your gift dollar for dollar for the entire year. So don’t wait! Please donate!

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