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Robert Harris, MBA Executive Director

Mr. Harris is CCRF’s orchestrator. He designs, adapts, develops and shares information — plus new ideas — to ensure CCRF provides the very highest quality service. He’s also someone committed to Canada’s not-for-profit sector. In 2010 he made the decision to align with his personal goals and values and dedicate the rest of his career to building capacity for charities like CCRF. His goal is to help staff, friends, and colleagues achieve personal and business success. He’s particularly interested in fundraising, grant development, strategic management, brand management, CSR, client service, links between mental and physical wellness, SaaS, and team leadership.

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Areas of Expertise: General management, business development, strategy, coaching, budgeting,
corporate social responsibility, sales and marketing, brand development, new product development,
fundraising and donor relations, team leadership, board governance, non-profit board service, African
development (health, education, microfinance)


Why I serve: Well, I had a wonderful experience with a chiropractor in my late twenties. Thanks to their professional advice, treatment and exercise protocols I was able to avoid back surgery and maintain good MSK fitness to this day. This history also gives me confidence chiropractic engagement can benefit other organizations and individuals. From under-served communities to our respected armed forces personnel, insurance providers to public officials, I know chiropractic research can play a key role to improve health and wellness across our country and around the world.

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