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Mr. Philippe Garneau

Philippe Garneau, is Co-Founder, President & Executive Creative Director of GWP Brand Engineering, a branding firm founded in 1996. He thrives on opening up people’s minds to new ideas He’s been a guest lecturer at Canadian colleges and universities, taught copywriting at OCAD University in Toronto and is currently an expert panelist with the FGS Fintech Growth Syndicate and Advisor to Abacus, the Facebook Agency.

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Areas of Expertise: Advertising, copywriting, brand and business development


Why I serve: I’ve spent my career promoting brands I believe in. As both a patient (neck and back) and someone who worked closely with the CCA to clarify the profession’s brand positioning I immediately saw the benefits that would accrue to Canadian chiropractic, and chiropractic everywhere if a strong evidence-based research brand could get widespread traction and support. The more people and policy makers understand that Chiropractic is evolving as an evidence-based peer reviewed health care profession, the more barriers will fall. I work with CCRF because this is work needs to be done.

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