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Dr. Richard McIlmoyle, BSC, DC, PGCPain

Dr. McIlmoyle’s path to chiropractic was different than most. After graduating with honours from McMaster in Biochemistry, he discovered a passion for understanding pain and helping people move beyond their suffering. This inspired him to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College and complete his Certificate in Pain management from the University of Alberta. Today he’s a successful interdisciplinary practice owner and business/relationship developer who strives to make the world a better place through education.  He’s a popular blogger on the subject, a sought-after lecturer and speaker, an avid runner and cyclist and father of 2 equally active sons.

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Areas of Expertise: Pain Management, biopsychosocial framework of pain.


Why I serve: Research provides knowledge which has no boundaries or professions.  It is the scrutiny of ideas to help expand the knowledge base for everyone. As chiropractors support and produce quality research that expands the knowledge base in musculoskeletal pain and function, we become an integral part of the system of health care and research. I feel that it’s time to move research in a direction that is not solely focused on SMT, but on a broad range of issues that provides a more robust, inclusive understanding of mechanisms of pain relief and what helps reduce suffering. The how and why, what we do can benefit and how we can do better.

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