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How We Work

CCRF’s Request for Tender Process

Throughout the year, CCRF issues Requests for Tender to qualified Canadian researchers, clinicians, health institutions, university faculty and teams headed by recognized professional leaders. Funding is provided through CCRF’s National Research Fund, thanks to the very generous support of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, our Provincial Associates, representing clinicians from across Canada, funding partners and stakeholders.

The intent is to enter into an agreement with the Applicant that is assessed to be the most qualified and capable of fulfilling the terms of the RFT in a timely manner.

Criteria for each RFT varies. Before you apply, please make sure to review the Current RFT Criteria, where you’ll find eligibility details and submission information for your proposal.

Submissions must follow recognized scientific and ethical standards.

Proposal evaluation is overseen and administered by CCRF’s Research Committee and assessed for scientific rigour by an independent reviewer. The Research Committee may require clarification from Applicants to assist in making its evaluation. If required, such clarification is projected to take place via email correspondence.

Final funding recommendations are approved by the Board of Directors. Submitters who do not receive funding can receive succinct written feedback on their submissions upon request.

Grants are approved contingent on standard CCRF terms and conditions.

CCRF’s Research Committee & Scientific Reviewer

The CCRF’s five-member Research Committee (RC) oversees the CCRF Request for Tender (“RFT”) process and makes recommendations for funding to the CCRF board. Each member of this committee is an experienced clinician with background in research and professional publication. Details on the Research Committee can be found here.

Submissions are assessed for scientific rigor and methodology by a qualified and independent reviewer. This is a rotating position held by a respected member of the Canadian Research Community.

Standard Terms & Conditions Disbursement:

The successful Applicant is required to accept CCRF’s grant disbursement requirements.

Marketing: In coordination with CCRF staff, grant recipients provide updates, interviews, photos and other materials to support outreach and awareness.

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