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Dr. Patrick Welsh

Dr. Welsh is a Sports Specialist Chiropractor, exercise physiologist, educational speaker, and published researcher. His experience in health and fitness spans 3 provinces, 3 professions, and a wide variety of professional and volunteer settings. He has traveled both locally and internationally with a variety of sports teams and is currently in private practice in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Areas of Expertise: Sports Sciences, Exercise Physiology, Motor Skill Assessment


Why I serve: I’ve chosen to be part of CCRF because, as a practicing chiropractor, I believe and share in their mission which is to improve the lives of people living with musculoskeletal pain and disability. In an age where we have unlimited access to information, it is now more important than ever that this information be trustworthy and of high quality. CCRF is nicely positioned to help support high quality research through its various relationships and funding opportunities.

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